Exceptional and Professional Service for the Cannabis Industry

5th Meridian Group is an ancillary service provider for the cannabis marketplace in the Midwest. We provide a diverse set of critical services, including comprehensive security, technology, and support services for all licensed facilities. Our experienced staff is prepared to help secure your facility while also ensuring your operations comply with state standards. Overall facility safety and protecting the integrity of your license are our highest priorities.

Headquartered in Cape Girardeau, 5th Meridian provides security and support services to the entire state of Missouri, including major districts in St. Louis, Columbia/Jefferson City, and Kansas City.

After Missouri voted to legalize cannabis, we were honored to assist dozens of facilities with their security, safety, and facility operation plans. As applicant groups are awarded licenses, we look forward to supporting these facilities and many more as they make the push to market, and as they make history in the face of cannabis prohibition.

Our commitment to your business.

Above all, our staff aims to provide exceptional service with unwavering professionalism and expertise. Our staff brings decades of experience in public safety, US military service, security technology, environmental engineering, marketing, hazardous waste removal, and more. We combine our individual areas of expertise to offer a comprehensive solution for your medical cannabis facility, from consultation to execution to daily operation. We also have an in-depth understanding of the many legal requirements  that exist in the medical cannabis industry, so we will help ensure the safety of your license as well as your investment in this business.

Tactical and technical experts for Missouri’s cannabis industry.

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5th Meridian understands your commitment to providing an environment of safety for your patients, employees, and the surrounding community. We can assist your facility with a wide variety of comprehensive services, from physical and technological security to secure transportation to environmental engineering, and all steps in between. We’ll get to know your individual business’s needs, make recommendations on how we can best serve those needs, develop a customized plan, and offer our partnership in a quote.

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