Customized Security, Uncompromised Professionalism


5th Meridian supplies local, experienced, trained Security Officers for your facility. Our Security Officers are often off-duty police officers, firefighters, EMS personnel, or former US Military members. In addition to their public safety experience and expertise, we personally train our security officers to meet industry standards and regulations, including training on how to properly screen qualifying patients. They will be familiar with your facility’s emergency and security systems, and can coordinate the proper response to facility emergencies. Security Officers are also trained in life-saving measures such as First-Aid, CPR and AED operation.

Since our officers are hired locally, they know and understand the local community. Our officers demonstrate a quiet professionalism that will seamlessly integrate with your facility’s culture, environment, and location.

Based on your facility’s needs, our officers can be outfitted with different classifications of arms.

  • Unarmed
  • Taser only
  • Open or concealed firearm
  • Additional security measures available upon request

Hire an experienced professional in your facility……not a liability.