Lindsey Silva has more than seven years of experience in security management with expertise in public safety, biometrics, and emerging technologies in the field of industrial security operations. Lindsey graduated magna cum laude from Ashford University in 2012 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. Since August 2017, she has been pursuing a Master’s Degree in Business and Organizational Security Management and Cyber Security Threat Detection.

Lindsey’s introduction to professional security began in law enforcement at the City of St. Louis Sheriff’s Department, where she worked as a Deputy Sheriff from 2006 until 2011. Combining that law enforcement and criminal justice background with private sector operational expertise, Lindsey has led numerous mission-critical projects for prominent organizations including Saint Louis University and Proctor & Gamble, Red Brick Property Management, and more.

In the private sector, Lindsey currently operates and security consults for Sentryn, LLC in Saint Louis, MO. Lindsey has also designed several complete sites plans specific to client’s security needs. Additionally, Lindsey has provided clients with operational and technical support during and after implementation of powerful security applications for critical infrastructure, which includes IP security cameras, automatic license plate recognition technology, and command and security operations centers. In order to best serve her clients, Lindsey has designed and successfully pursued a trademark for security cameras combining technology with law enforcement and security personnel that has been a proven crime-prevention deterrent to her clients and the surrounding community.

In addition to her security work, Lindsey is actively involved in several industry groups, serving on several ad hoc and working group committees, including the Security Industry Association’s Public Safety Council and ASIS International’s Security Applied Science Council. Lindsey also serves as the Law Enforcement Liaison for ASIS International’s St. Louis chapter. Lindsey now seeks to continue serving the St. Louis community by applying her security operations within the medical marijuana industry.