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The 5th Meridian Group offers a wide array of diverse services to support your business. In addition to our security and transport services, we offer assistance with other crucial operations including, Security Manager placement, certified facility training, retail product line development, and much more.

You can view our facility support service offerings below.

Facility Support

The facility Security Manager is a vital employee, and the right candidate can help you avoid organizational liability and decrease exposure to litigation.

Our Security Manager candidates have extensive Missouri law enforcement or public safety career backgrounds, often local to the region. The candidates are well versed in state regulations, security audits, contractor vetting, loss prevention tactics, security/surveillance system repair, state reporting requirements, NIH hazard communication programs, and can conduct all required on-boarding and annual employee training. Our managers can collaboratively develop a customized and compliant facility security plan, or implement those submitted as part of your approved application. They can also create operating procedures that will safely guide your team during all phases of operation. The Security Manager will strive to foster an open and mutually respectful relationship with representatives of local law enforcement and state regulatory inspectors. Additionally, the Security Manager will implement an internal anti-diversion program, paired with a systematic review of facility surveillance and electronic security data

The 5th Meridian Group includes construction and design staff to help you create a unique and comfortable experience for your customers.

Quentin Gaither is a general contractor with over 35 years experience designing, building, and furnishing commercial and high-end residential projects. With focus on quality materials and visually appealing aesthetics, Quentin can transform an existing space or construct exceptional facilities from the ground up.

With our extensive experience and resources, we guarantee your project will meet or exceed design and code standards. Our forward focused approach always aims to make and execute changes and adjustments to your project and while maintaining timeline and budget.

We offer extensive knowledge, personalized service, and innovative, one of a kind finishes. From consultation on your initial idea to design and construction, we can help provide a positive first and lasting impression for your customer base.

If your production facility creates hazardous waste byproduct or runoff, 5th Meridian can help you with safe and state-compliant options for waste removal.

Our hazardous material mitigation staff has national experience in safe, cost-effective, and innovative remediation technologies. Our expertise in industrial environmental remediation includes demolition, transportation, and disposal services. These services can assist your production facility in maintaining compliance and decreasing environmental risks.

Contact us to discuss a customized plan for environmental solutions in your facility.

Ensuring the integrity and reliability of managerial and support staff is crucial. Our team of investigators can supplement government agency supplied criminal history reports to provide important and relevant information on facility employees and applicants.

Our investigation staff has over 75 years of combined law enforcement criminal investigation experience at local, state, and federal levels. Team members may be utilized for internal investigations involving harassment, fraud, diversion, etc.

Please contact us if you’d like to speak with one of our investigators. All investigator resumes and references are available for review before contracting.

Lelia Guerra holds a master’s degree from Harvard University and serves as an independent consultant following many years at Reynolds American as their Vapor Channel Market manager. While there, she was responsible for establishing new vapor trade channels in over 200+ independent, regional and national vapor shops.

With experience as a consultant in the startup industry during her tenure at Harvard, her passion is to now help owners in emerging markets attain substantial business results with new and innovative product ideas. Lelia is available to assist production or retail facilities in brand development, marketing, and establishment of new retail store opportunities.

Compliance with state regulations requires employee on-boarding as well as on-going annual training courses. In addition to state regulatory requirements, training courses are often required by insurance mandate, conditions defined in the facility’s application, or by managerial request.

Tyler Juden is our Program Manager for facility employee training. Tyler is a lifelong Missourian and works as a clinical educator and Certified Flight Paramedic (FPC) for a national emergency air ambulance service. Tyler holds seven healthcare instructor certifications, is a licensed Paramedic in nine states and holds the highest critical care certification available. Under his direction, the 5th Meridian can supply state-certified training instructors in courses like First Aid, CPR, AED operation, facility intruder programs, facility-specific emergency response training, and other safety or compliance related courses. Our instructors have taught courses of this nature for over a decade to Missouri public safety entities, private institutions, and a local Fortune 50 company.

Contact us to develop a custom training plan to meet your facility’s requirements.

5th Meridian is an authorized dealer and distributor of MOIS, a coconut-based, fully biodegradable, soil-enriching amendment, much like peat or mulch that retains water and releases nutrients slowly over time.

To learn more about this Missouri based business, visit moisorganics.com or contact us for more information.