Security and Surveillance Systems

24/7 Protection, Monitoring, and Deterrence

Our team of security system experts will design and install a surveillance system that’s catered specifically to your facility’s needs. With decades of experience in designing and implementing technology systems both large and small, our team will ensure your facility will be closely monitored against all threats.

Visible security systems also act as a strong deterrent against misconduct, by both internal and external actors. The combination of security technology and physical security services will ensure that your facilities have the most comprehensive security solution available.

These technologies also help provide clear and objective evidence in the case of missing product or internal disputes.


Video Surveillance

The 5th Meridian team will get to know your facility’s layout and security needs, then design a custom, unified video surveillance system specific to your facility. We will collaborate in camera placement, security integration, and networking requirements to ensure the system is optimized in efficiency and functions to meet state requirements. Our team will make sure that this critical aspect of your security plan fits your needs and remains up to date.

Our network of certified installers and dealers will install and maintain your new surveillance equipment with security monitoring in mind. Our team will maintain proper integration and record management, as well as record storage.

Unified Access Control

Access control is a critical component in facility protection. Unauthorized access to sensitive areas is one of the largest challenges to facility security. Our team will create and assign levels of controlled access based on the roles or functions of your team members.

The pairing of access control and video surveillance successfully creates an audit trail in the instance of suspicious activity. Our team will develop a system that will provide a centralization of information for proper incident management recording that also meets state and local record management requirements. Access card management, FOB, and biometric access are just a few ways we can provide user access management. Access control can also be tied to technologies like motion, glass-break, and bash sensors to further protect your facility and product storage.