Reliable, Compliant, Secure Product & Revenue Transportation

5th Meridian Group, is a state-certified, seed-to-sale compliant, transport service that will safely transport products between licensed facilities via a network of security-compliant vehicles. Our deliveries are fully insured to exceed the value of your shipment, and our vehicles are outfitted to the highest security standards.

Once the product is scanned by our secure transport driver, the chain-of-custody remains entact, but your liability for the product ends. And that’s where our’s begins. Cannabis products and its cash revenues can be very vulnerable during transport. When you work with 5th Meridian, you won’t have to worry about potentially endangering an untrained staff member during transport, or subjecting your facility license to scrutiny from a transportation mishap. Our vehicles and staff adhere to a strict set of our own vetted operating guidelines as well as state laws.

Home Delivery? Let’s Talk.

The 5th Meridian Group is offering a home delivery program in select cities and areas of the state. If you’d like to discuss home delivery options for your cannabis dispensary, let’s talk.

Call us toll-free at (866) 420-TOGO

5th Meridian Vehicles Are




GPS tracked


Climate controlled


Driven by experienced security professionals


Monitored by video camera1

1The driver’s seat, passenger seat, product compartment, and exterior areas are recorded by surveillance systems.